We are building a team to beat the socials, join the Ready Gunner team today as a keyboard warrior. We will not be silenced!

What Is A Keyboard Warrior?

Social Media over the last decade has continually attempted to destroy patriotism and view of our second amendment rights. Our keyboard warriors are bringing engagement and outsmarting the algorithms. It takes an army to make a difference, that is why we need fellow warriors like you to help support the cause.

To be apart of this movement is very simple, here is how you qualify:

  • Your Instagram account must have a minimum of 100 followers.
  • Your account cannot be dormant.

Warrior Expectations:

  • Must have a social media presence where you interact with your own friends, followers and others about anything gun and 2A related.
  • Willing to actively engage on Ready Gunner’s Page.
  • Willing to share your opinion on topics, guns, techniques, equipment and gear. 
  • Willing to share new and related content that Ready Gunner posts.  

This is more than just dropping an emoji but needs to be an opinion, statement, question, or response to another comment.

We are looking for people who embody our industry, brand and love for guns.

We appreciate your support and desire to represent Ready Gunner, Additional details will be provided after you apply.


First month Bonus:

  • $100 Ready Gunner Gift Card
  • Ready Gunner T-Shirts
  • Box of Ammo

Heavy Discounts on:

  • Guns
  • Ammo
  • Soft Goods
  • Accessories

Program runs from Jan. 30th – Apr. 30th 2024.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/qVqXN3Bhuvf8LGcw8